Foot Reflexology Chart

Below is a foot reflexology chart linking the body organs to the feet: free foot reflexology chart
Reflexology Chart by Om Feet- see across for image rights/reuse.

Reflexology Explained

Reflexology is a popular holistic & complementary therapy that benefits and improves general health as well as relieving stress and pain in other parts of the body.

The Reflexology Chart above shows pictures of the feet with corresponding internal organs or parts of the body. The underlying principle of Reflexology is that each reflex point of the feet acts as a mirror that corresponds to a particular organ in the body. By stimulating these points the 7000 nerves and the 26 bones in the feet help release blockages and re-balance the energy flow in the body. This brings the body back into its natural equilibrium which promotes the body’s natural healing power. This is because the body contains an energy field, an invisible life force, or Qi, the blockage of which can prevent healing.

How can reflexology help me?

Reflexology is very popular and can help with the folowing conditions:
Insomnia, High blood pressure, IBS, Pregnancy symptoms, Infertility, Back pain, Immune system deficiency, Arthritis, Stress...

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Free Chart / legal notice

This reflexology foot chart is copyrighted by Om Feet, and as such should not be re-used or reproduced without our permission - thank you.
However, if you wish to reuse a reflexology foot chart in blogs, publications or else, please download the free reflexology foot chart that we are pleased to make available to you, with a less restrictive license.

If you wish to re-use this chart in any other way, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss with you.